Monday, April 02, 2007

Ludye Wallace Runs Silent on 6th and Garfield Rezoning Issue

The petition drive against duplex zoning for 5 properties at the corner of 6th and Garfield carries on, and a number of Salemtown residents have sent the Metro Council letters with just a few responses from Council Members (the most responsive member is Michael Craddock, who has replied to several letters voicing his support for the opposition).

The silence from Ludye Wallace's corner is particularly curious. Neither phone calls to Ludye's published number nor e-mails have been returned. He is the sponsor of controversial zoning bill BL2007-1422, which would allow the Salem Gardens partnership to zone down from Salemtown Neighbors-sanctioned mixed-use to Salemtown Neighbors-opposed duplexification.

However, Ludye's sponsorship was based on the Planning Department's initial approval of the request rather than the Planning Commission's March 22 rejection of the request. While we await word from Ludye, there is no guarantee that his expressed views will happen during tomorrow night's first reading of BL2007-1422, since most zoning bills are passed without debate on first reading as part of the "consent agenda."

If (and it is a big "If") Ludye is following the controversy in his own district at all, he should at least take time to respond more personally to bill opponents in his district or hold a Salemtown community meeting to receive feedback from his constituents.

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