Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Quote of the Day

Aunt B. writes:
Is [Candidate Bob] Krumm suggesting [in saying that "America and its allies are superior"] that we have no more to do, that this is as good as it gets and that anyone who complains should just suck it up and be thankful we’re not stuck some other country, which might be a real hellhole? That’s just weird to me. It’s like we’re sitting around in this beautiful 230 year old house that needs to have the foundation shored up and some holes in the roof patched and some massive rewiring and plumbing, and we have a house full of people who have those skills and could easily do that work and yet, every time someone suggests we get started on it, folks like Krumm start hollering that, if we think the house is so god damn ugly, we can go live in the chicken shack and see how we like it there.
Aspiring politicians say the darndest things.

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