Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Buck Dozier Threw Down a Gauntlet. Might We Take It Up?

Mayoral candidate Buck Dozier is quoted in the Tennessean as saying that he has never had anybody come to him with concerns about stretching the height of new buildings in city neighborhoods. With all of the controversy surrounding tear downs, new developments, sight-blocking building heights, and "McMansions," I have a hard time believing that statement. Mr. Dozier is an at-Large member representing the entire city, and he has never received a single expressed concern about imposing developments?

So, I put the question to readers: have you or anyone you know of ever contacted Mr. Dozier, via phone, letter, or e-mail, regarding your concerns about the height of new builds in your neighborhood? Do you recall reading or hearing any information in the news media regarding the possibility that Buck Dozier would have had to consider general concerns in the community about imposing developments? If so, please send me the details via e-mail and I will post them on Enclave.

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