Saturday, August 04, 2007

Acausal Connecting Opinions: How a SciBoarder Might Respond to a City Paper Foil Weave

Reading the City Paper discussion board this morning regarding the vote to raise smokers' taxes to pay for children's health care insurance, I understand now the red meat that reporter John Rodgers was throwing on the NCP blog yesterday to attract readers to his copy.

One of the NCP commenters clamped down on Rodgers' red meat and attempted to wax historicist in an overly nostalgic way against children's health insurance:

When this nation was young, Americans didn't snivel about income inequality ... and they didn't expect the government to wipe their noses and raise their children. - Early Americans focused instead on creating wealth, not redistributing it.
Over at a different forum at a different point in real time in a different discussion, a more scientifically-minded commenter observed:

The average life expectancy of someone in 1776 was a little over 35 years...less than half of what is today. You['re] talking out of your ass.
I see an acausal connection. Do you?

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