Sunday, December 02, 2007

Two Emerging Blogs You Should Read

With the demise of Nashville Is Talking and in the absence of any worthy successor, Enclave has experienced a decline in link love in the past few months. Even the political blogosphere here seems to have been mainstreamed; especially over at Volunteer Voters.

However, in the past couple of weeks two other blogs have emerged on the scene--willing to turn over stones that others simply step over--and they have linked us here on several occasions, and so I'm returning the favor.

If you are moderate-to-progressive, or you just want to read stories outside the mainstream and beyond the seeming blogger cliques, you will appreciate both TennViews and Progressive Nashville. When you stop over at Progressive Nashville, read Jim Grinstead's latest piece on how the government was not the problem in the collapse of the housing market, but it may very well provide the solution to raise that Titanic. Jim defies stifling conservative convention that the market will bring us out by itself, pointing out that the market was what sunk itself in the first place. Might some regulation have forestalled or limited the carnage? I think so.

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