Monday, January 07, 2008

Not Good for John Edwards

A Wisconsin blogger and consultant with professional ties to Metro Nashville Government writes about his rather illuminating experiences with a "senior economic adviser" to the Edwards Presidential Campaign, Leo Hindery, Jr. Reportedly, Hindery is prone to stretching the truth, including liberties he took with the Metro Council in the late 1990s.

Here's the skinny on his Democratic Party connections:
While Hindery has already maxed his contributions to the Obama, Clinton, and Edwards campaigns, Edwards has been a frequent flier on Hindery's corporate jet, reimbursing over $15,000 to Hindery's Intermedia Partners for charter service at the first class ticket rate.

Besides his deep pockets, Hindery's other campaign role has been to assuage the corporate community that John Edwards, despite his rhetoric, isn't really so hostile to them. But considering his track record, is Leo Hindery's economic advice any more useful than his standard operating procedure of "buy low, pump it full of 'stardust,' and then dump it?"

Can't the Edwards campaign do any better than this?

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