Tuesday, February 05, 2008

As Goes McCain, So Goes Obama?

Josh Marshall on how Barack Obama's Super Tuesday wins in non-Democratic strongholds (with the exception of his home state, Illinois) look a lot like John McCain's Super Tuesday wins in exclusively Democratic strongholds:
As much as John McCain is winning the Democratic core states, something similar might be said about Obama. Not quite as clear cut. But there's definitely some of that. So far Obama's taken Alabama, Delaware, Georgia and Illinois. Take out his home state and that's two deep south states and one border state.

At the moment ... Obama has a razor thin lead with about half the vote counted in Connecticut. If he can pull that out, it'll be his only state in the Northeast, with Hillary taking New York, New Jersey and Massachusetts.
That adds a new wrinkle into the Obama campaign meme that they are reaching out to voters outside of the conventional Democratic cofiguration. The problem is, doesn't being post-conventional require mastering the conventional first?

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