Friday, February 01, 2008

Nashville's Answer to a Terrorist Attack: Wackenhut

In an age where security alerts are used for political purposes, it is hard to know how seriously to take the latest news that Metro Nashville has become a bullseye for terrorism. But if true, the 2006 news that Metro Water stores deadly chlorine in open railroad cars near Downtown monitored by a single security guard is once again troubling. But thank God Metro has a contract with the guards of Wackenhut, who are absent from their jobs when they aren't sleeping on them.


  1. It's scary isn't it...but honestly the general public really has no clue what is currently going on in the world. If you want to check out an interesting website that list possible terrorist activities around the world and in the United states you should go to here. We use the following link as a resource at work.

  2. Maybe Metro Nashville Public Schools officials will have Wackenhut guard the schools with voting precincts on Tuesday when every stranger in town will be roaming around the school buildings with our children. Why are we still allowing our children to go to school on voting day? Didn't they just pay thousands of dollars on upgrades to keep the strangers out? Laptop with SS numbers unguarded-our kids in schools on voting day unguarded-what are we thinking? Somebody wake these people up.

  3. So are we willing pay for, and submit to, real security? Given the uproar over any increased inconvenience at the airport, I doubt it.