Tuesday, February 05, 2008

News from Out West: Reagan Coalition Torn Asunder and Republicans Requesting Democratic Ballots

So far, the SFGate politics blog has the some of the more interesting pajama-media coverage:

First from Carolyn Lockhead:
What is clear is that the Reagan coalition lies bleeding, divided against itself in the once impregnable South and West. It's free-market, strong-defense and evangelical wings are at in open warfare with each other.
Second from Joe Garofoli:
Steve Weir, czar of Contra Costa County (CA) elections say four major precincts -- in geographic and politically diverse parts of the East Bay burbs -- are running out of Democratic ballots.

Poll workers in Democratic stronghold west Contra Costa (El Cerrito and Hercules), the more politcally conservative San Ramon Valley and the farmtown-turned-boom town Brentwood told Weir they're hurting mid-afternoon. "I've never seen anything like this before," Weir told us. "We're hearing a lot of stories -- it's all anecdotal -- of Republicans asking for Democratic ballots." Yes, even though registered GOPers can only vote in the Republican primary.

Ouch. WWRS: What Would Rush Say?

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