Wednesday, April 09, 2008

North End/Downtown Vendor Gardens of Babylon Now Has Its Own Blog

Marcus Kerske, member of that enterprising and organic family of horticulturalists who own Gardens of Babylon (at Farmers' Market), has the company blog up and running now. My family has been a loyal patron of Gardens of Babylon since they were originally located in the East End. In fact, but quite coincidently, we moved to Salemtown from Edgefield about the same time that they moved to Farmers' Market several years ago.

Most all of our plants have come from Gardens of Babylon, not to mention plant food and soil amendments. Marcus called me a while back for advice on blogging, and so I was looking forward to seeing their product. This is their busiest time of the year, so blogging may present a whole new set of challenges. But as I told him, writing even the shortest posts on a consistent basis can make a difference in finding a niche online and market exposure that was previously not attainable with a static website.

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