Friday, May 30, 2008

More Jameson on Developers

The City Paper has more coverage this morning regarding Mike Jameson's bead on developers and their power plays on the planning process:
I find myself being invited to meet with a developer. And when I walk into the room, it’s the developer, his assistants and his legal team and his [public relations] team and his architect and his engineer .... And I feel like I’m walking into the Treaty at Appomattox. I’m out there alone and I don’t have the slightest information to respond to their specific desires ....
The best we can do is to ask one of your staff members to attend. And I will tell you in five years, the absolute … the best guy to have in the trenches there with you to debate, and yes, sometimes argue, is David [Kleinfelter].
In the same article reporter Nate Rau fails to report that the developer at the center of this controversy is Vice Mayor Diane Neighbors' husband.

He also quotes one of the more pro-development Council Members, Jim Gotto, as saying that raising these issues is inappropriate in a budget hearing. That's the same Jim Gotto who once shirked his obligations to the citizens of Nashville in order to try to influence, by his own admission, the state of Tennessee's immigration policy. The critic whom the City Paper picked has no latitude to lecture about the out-of-place or the misdirected.

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