Monday, May 05, 2008

Suck It Up: My Sentiments Exactly

Obama supporter Josh Marshall cuts through all of the whining by fellow "O"-supporters in order to get down to business:
I'll happily support Hillary if she 'steals' the nomination. Aside from the benefits of not having a crop of incompetent government-haters running government, one of the benefits of a winning Hillary campaign would be to relieve a blight on our country: the Atwater/Rove school of Republican campaign mudslinging. It's not about fighting back. It's about taking the first shot. She won't let them get their Swift Boats in the water to start with. If both sides are Atwatering it, yes, it'll be very very ugly, cue the 'Unity12' theme music and hand-wringing by the delicate. But I think we're in for ugly no matter what, because they're not going to stop. We may as well engage or get used to losing.
Engage or get used to losing. That'll preach.

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