Sunday, June 08, 2008

Check Out

The community of Bells Bend and friends who are trying to preserve its historic agricultural qualities have a website: Their mission:
To promote and protect the rural character of the Beaman Park to Bells Bend Corridor by establishing an outdoor recreational, agricultural and residential conservation district that serves as a county, state and regional planning model for open space preservation.
They have a list of events, which includes information about a June 17 community planning meeting, which will be the "final opportunity to offer feedback to Metro Planning staff" on their proposed community plan.

They also started a blog in May. In their introductory post, a blogger writes:
Please help us fend off the proposed development and help fund the Bells Bend neighborhood association’s plan to develop and implement a conservation corridor modeled in part on the Adirondacks. We want to develop recreational areas for all of Nashville to enjoy for generations to come. We want to encourage and promote locally produced agricultural products and foster young farmer mentoring programs to ensure Nashville’s food safety and food security as the average age of US farmers increases and young farmers are becoming scarcer.
They also have some great suggestions for helping them out and becoming more involved in conserving this rare natural resource.

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