Wednesday, September 03, 2008

My Prediction: Palin Hits It Out of the Park in Tonight's Speech

She's got no where to go but up. The press has lowered expectations for two days. The McCain campaign has worked the delegates into a lather over her. As a former sports anchor, she learned a long time ago how to use a teleprompter and she has the poise of a beauty pageant contestant. She'll plug into the "every (wo)man" sensibilities that Republicans must have to win. It's a big moment for a major party breaking the gender barrier, and there will be some gratification among women across partisan lines. And finally, Americans root for underdogs even if they have questions about qualifications, and my guess is that Joe and Jane Sixpack would enjoy seeing her beat the odds, and hence they'll lower their expectations, too. I would be surprised if she does not do well and get high marks afterwards.

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