Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Oh, Won't You Lie a While for Me, Sarah?

Josh Marshall sees a turning of the worm:
[W]e seem to be witnessing the first stirrings of a backlash and a dawning realization that the 'Sarah Palin' we've heard so much about over the last few days is a fraud of truly comical dimensions.

The McCain camp has made her signature issue shutting down the Bridge to Nowhere. But as The New Republic put it today that's just "a naked lie." And pretty much the same thing has been written today in Newsweek, the Washington Post, the AP, the Wall Street Journal. Yesterday even Fox's Chris Wallace called out Rick Davis on it ....

On earmarks she's an even bigger crock. On the trail with McCain they're telling everyone that she's some kind of earmark slayer when actually, when she was mayor and governor, in both offices, she requested and got more earmarks than virtually any city or state in the country.

Think about that. On the stump, not a single word that comes out of her mouth -- or not a single word that the McCain folks put in her mouth -- is anything but a lie. I know that sounds like hyperbole. But just go down the list. None of them bear out.
If Josh is correct, then all of these people lining up to see a hermetically sealed Sarah Palin are going to look as foolish as all of those people who lined up on faith alone to get the first iPhones before Apple dropped the price. Not a lot of caveat emptor out there about Sarah Palin.

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