Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Oh, Yah. You Betcha.

Ooofta! Sarah Palin did a good job, but didn't hit it out the park like I assumed she would. Her skills didn't rise much above a talking head reading text not entirely hers (especially the reliance on foreign oil portions) from a teleprompter. She did seem to assimilate her speech more effectively and launch attacks better than Joe Biden did in his convention speech, but hers did not transcend any of the footage I've seen of her on You Tube. I have to confess that she did seem adept at doing what Republicans have turned into a fine art: both promoting the idea that people should pull themselves up by their bootstraps and arrogantly taunting opponents who actually do so. She did basically what a VP needs to do, which looks like progress given the lowered expectations of the past few days, but there was nothing here that would have inspired anyone outside of Republican voters to vote for McCain as the solution to our nation's problems.

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