Friday, September 05, 2008

Palin Ridicules Poppy's "Thousand Points of Light"

An Enclave commenter makes an insightful observation about Sarah Palin's sneering and snide stabs at community organizers during her acceptance speech:
When Palin criticizes community organizers, she is in essence panning George H. W. Bush's '1,000 Points of Light' program, which awards community organizers for addressing community needs.
After McCain's speech last night, MSNBC cut away to Times Square to get "responses" from people watching it on the diamond vision. Coincidently, there just happened to be a couple of white shadow Republicans available, looking straight out of the Brooks Brothers Squadron and the French Manicure Auxillary. In what looked like an obvious dig at the profession, one had a McCain campaign pin that said "Community Organizer." Or maybe he just fancied himself the white preppy version of Cesar Chavez or Ernie Cortez. His privileged blue blazer lifestyle probably couldn't handle the long hours and low pay.

UPDATE:  GOPAC's Michael Steele, who was a guest on HBO's Bill Maher tonight, downplayed the attacks on community organizers by Palin et al.  He said that they were not so much attacking them as they were questioning whether the position of community organizer qualifies one to be President.  Then a few minutes later, during a discussion about Sarah Palin's small town experience, he argued that her being a mom and a PTA leader were experiences that were important to the job she could do as Vice President.  Geez.

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