Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Sitting in Her Nowhere Land

Governor Sarah Palin kept the Bridge to Nowhere earmark after Congress ended the project and she spent it on other projects in Alaska.

She built an access road with federal money on the beach where the bridge would have gone had Congress not stopped it.

She didn't fight for the new ethics law in Alaska. She merely signed the bill that had been shepherded by state legislators, especially minority Democrats.

She used smoke-and-mirrors, rob-Peter-to-pay-Paul property tax cutting measures similar to those used here in Tennessee:
She was able to cut property taxes by three-fourths because sales tax revenues from the city's new big-box stores were soaring. She even pushed for a sales tax increase to build a pet project, a new sports complex for ice hockey.
How long can the unquestioned legend of Sarah Palin continue before it collapses like a house of cards?

The Alaska media is hitting her harder on these issues that the Charlie Gibson gah-gahed, contiguous-48 press corps:

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