Wednesday, September 03, 2008

State-Subsidized, Lawyered-Up Palin Now Refuses to Submit to Independent Investigation of Troopergate in Republican Alaska

In an unusual move, Governor Sarah Palin's lawyer (bought and paid for by the State of Alaska) asked a Palin-appointed personnel board to review her case:
[H]er lawyer is now demanding that the entire case be taken out of the hands of the independent prosecutor hired by Alaska lawmakers, and given over to a state personnel board -- whose three members were appointed by the governor herself.
The ethics problems continue for Sarah Palin and she's only making them worse with the conflict of interest of appealing to a board that she appointed. It sounds like to me that if the personnel board members don't want to be entangled in the mucked up morass that she is creating, then they should either refuse to take the case or recuse themselves from sitting in judgment of a Governor who bestowed to them their seats of power.

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