Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Let the Weak Be Strong. Let the Right Be Wrong.

Germantown blogger Kate O' makes a nice catch of an LA Times piece quoting her neighbor, songwriter Gretchen Peters, who criticizes John McCain/Sarah Palin for co-opting one of her tunes in their campaign:
The fact that the McCain/Palin campaign is using a song about an abused woman as a rallying cry for their vice presidential candidate, a woman who would ban abortion even in cases of rape and incest, is beyond irony .... They are co-opting the song, completely overlooking the context and message, and using it to promote a candidate who would set women’s rights back decades.
In response, Peters is donating her royalties to Planned Parenthood to help women in need.

Here is Peters' song performed by Martina McBride in a foreign country, no less:

UPDATE: Here's Gretchen Peters' original press release. GoldnI caught this before Kate did.

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