Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Mean Girl Married into Un-American Activities with Iran

All this ridiculous chatter about Barack Obama "palling around" with a former terrorist (Bill Ayers), does not hold a candle to what the chatter ought to be about: Sarah Palin's husband was a member of an Alaskan separatist group that was once sponsored by Iran. Sarah Palin has no room to accuse Obama of guilt by association. She was literally sleeping with the enemy.

David Talbot sums up the double-standard of a media that even pays attention to allegations about Obama but not those about Palin:
Imagine the uproar if Michelle Obama was revealed to have joined a black nationalist party whose founder preached armed secession from the United States and who enlisted the government of Iran in his cause? The Obama campaign would probably not have survived such an explosive revelation. Particularly if Barack Obama himself was videotaped giving the anti-American secessionists his wholehearted support just months ago.

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