Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Mean Girl Worse Than Cheney

Sarah Palin lies about "voter fraud" in Pennsylvania and elsewhere:

The charges involve "voter registration fraud," not voter fraud. Just because someone turns in a "Mickey Mouse" or "Tony Romo" card to get paid does not mean that either the cartoon character or the quarterback will actually show up to vote.

That Palin would charge ACORN with voter fraud amounts to slander, especially when the issue is "voter registration fraud" and as ACORN has been turning in fraudulent registration cards. The fact that we are hearing about fraudulent registration means that the safeguards seem to be working, so why smear ACORN if they're doing their duty?

Local GOP blogger Bob Krumm is not just on Palin's erroneous page, but also claims "proof" of ACORN "vote fraud." Note to Bob Krumm: ACORN has not only won a lawsuit that charged them with voter fraud in the past, but it also won a counterclaim against the libel and slander perpetrated against it.

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