Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Maybe It Was Never the Economy, Stupid, After All

R. Neal seems perplexed that one of Tennessee's most economically hard-hit counties broke more dramatically for McCain than it broke for Bush. On the other side of the divide, Republicans have been spinning Obama's win as improbable without a bad economic environment. It seems quite natural to assume that election results reflect the economic quagmire we find ourselves in after 8 years of Bush.

However, Phil Klinker looks back at Barack Obama's pre-election poll performance to argue that his support was rising before the September 13 bubble burst and that ascendancy looks like the result more of the fading McCain/Palin convention bounce. Could no-confidence in the Republican ticket already have set in without respect to the eroding economic conditions? Likewise, couldn't Tennessee red county voters have been predetermined to vote Republican regardless of changes in their economic status? What do you think?

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