Saturday, December 06, 2008

This and Actual Policy Implementation Are Why I'm Withholding Judgment

Terence Samuel wonders:
So far, all the potentially restless parts of the Democratic coalition have been mollified with some high profile cabinet or staff pick; the Clintonistas (State, chief of staff), the moderates (Treasury), the right-of-center (Pentagon, Council of Economic Advisors), the hawks (Pentagon), Latinos (Commerce and possibly U.S. trade representative), Washington insiders (State and Justice), women (State, U.N. ambassador, Homeland Security), and African Americans (POTUS, Justice, U.N. ambassador). But where is the true lefty? Andy Stern at Labor? Al Gore, or someone like him, at Energy? Geoffrey Canada at Education?

It may be that Obama is the liberal in the administration and that is all it takes .... Or it may be that he's just not done yet.
The jury is still out, and after 8 years of Bush it's not too difficult to be patient with rather than disappointed in Obama's lack of progress (in the sense of progressive action).

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