Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Alexander's Loyalty to TVA Bought and Paid For by Campaign Contributions

A nice catch by News 2's Christian Grantham, who shows that the common denominator in the records of campaign donations made by Tennessee Valley Authority Board members is the name of "Lamar Alexander," one Republican U.S. Senator from Tennessee.  Alexander received tens of thousands of dollars from the Board members, including a nice donation from the William Graves.  The Senator brought the Senate nomination process to a halt for the sake of reappointing Graves to the TVA instead of a Democrat.  Looks like Alexander and Graves take care of each other.

And Alexander's sluggish and nonchalant response to the coal ash spill across the neighborhoods of Harriman, TN looks consistent with the unethical influence the TVA Board has with the Senator.

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  1. I'm so glad Alexander is on the committee holding hearings into the TVA spill this week! Especially after he went to the mat to make sure Bush cronies and party loyalists were placed on the board to begin with!