Tuesday, January 06, 2009

How do you say, "Pride goeth before the fall," in Japanese?

Regardless of what happens in this special election, it's nice to see that sometimes hubris gets its deserved blowback:
Councilman Crafton repeatedly bragged that he had once started a Metro Council meeting in Japanese. He is the only councilman to use a foreign language in Metro business, he told us again and again. He wanted to prove the point that such a scary situation could someday be reality in Nashville. DCRP Chair Tom Lawless then called him out and said, “So, you admit before this entire group that you broke state law and your oath by conducting business in a foreign language.”
This is the sort of critical questioning local reporters should have been hitting Eric Crafton with for months. Instead, they've helped create a smug monster who is able to grab a media megaphone at his whim.

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  1. That's the truth. It will be interesting to see how the voters turn out.