Thursday, January 08, 2009

Print Media Blog Coverage: Charge of the Light(weight) Brigade

Tweeters kicked print media's butts on immediate coverage of the aftermath of the TVA coal ash spill. While it did take the divine NY Times 2 days to show up, Nashville's media print blogs, which theoretically should be a species suited to landing on top of the story, were either on holiday (PiTW), preoccupied with a "magic negro" song (Southcomm I) for a week, or burning up bandwidth with dead space (Southcomm II).

Now that they are all back at work and functioning nominally again and insulting songs about Obama are passe, the local print blogs have discovered the Kingston story, but they have resumed acting like gatekeepers of what should count for news and how it should be pitched as well as watching each others' backs.  Note to their corporate bosses:  local print reporters need better benefits; please give them more vacation time off.

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