Sunday, January 04, 2009

Swan Pond Resident Dares Intelligent Questions of TVA

Someone directly affected by TVA's ash spill is obviously not listening to that Roane County emergency management officer who admonished us for daring to question TVA and government regulators. Good for her:
Well, finally around 4pm they showed.  Ok... they were nice people.  Again, I was treated with respect.  I was given more information on water samples and air quality testing.  I did ask questions.  I wanted to know about all those little dots on the air quality testing that showed all particulates were within EPA guidelines.... what monitors were used?  Hand held.  OK.  So that meant they were not 12 hour samples, but those air samples were taken at various locations by holding up the monitor for a short period of time... and taking the reading.  hmmmmmmmmm.  I didn't see any data regarding wind speed, was it raining, was it sunny, was it early morning or was it late evening.  So, as for those tests... believe what you want to believe.  I'm still waiting for something a little more concrete.... maybe I shouldn't hold my breath (well... considering where I live, I think I should!)
Those are dangerous questions that deserve answers.

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