Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Still Waiting for Answers to Mike Jameson's Questions

CM Mike Jameson has worked with beer blight bill sponsor CM Erica Gilmore to write amendments to her proposal (up for second reading at tonight's council meeting) to mollify her critics, even though he seemed indignant at last council meeting that the beer industry and its supporters in the media answer some simple questions regarding their allegations that police are not enforcing the law:
what specific laws are not being enforced? How would the beer industry have us better enforce the laws in light of the fact that the top 10 public intoxication offenders have been arrested over 1,350 times?
Nobody on the other side of the single serve beer ban issue has bothered to meet Mike halfway and answer those questions. They are fair questions.  When ban critics take the position that they are fighting for people's rights by making blight more available to them and by insuring corporate exploitation of the poor and homeless with beer does not absolve them from backing up their far-fetched, industry-generated claims about enforcement.

It's time to put up the evidence or shut up about enforcement.

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