Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Tennessee Progressives Join in a Common Effort to Flex Some Political Muscle

Goal ThermometerThe Tennessee Democratic Party has been listing lately and it is mostly hurting for money. I keep reading nonsense about how oldline party members will not contribute money or encourage others to support the current leadership.  From such adversity springs new opportunity for progressives, many of whom have not been in the smoke-filled rooms or at the table when the decisions were made.  I have certainly been on the outside looking in.  But now I have the opportunity to help to fill the breach left by the old timers who choose to abandon the new leadership.

Our family has made two campaign donations in the past: the first to Megan Barry's successful campaign for a Metro Council seat; the second went to Barack Obama's successful campaign for the White House. We gave those first two donations because we came to believe that those candidates could bring needed change.  Our third campaign donation will be going to the Tennessee Democrats because this party itself needs to change.  It will only change if progressives step up and put their cash where their ideals are. Giving to the Democrats gives us a stake in the party with which we can demand greater accountability and motivate the old guard in a new direction.

I hope you will join Tennessee's liberal social media who put this "Chip in!" effort together by giving what you are able in the name of party reform and responsive governance. Just click on the ActBlue icon above to donate. Don't give $50 or more if the sacrifice is too great. Give $5 or $10 or whatever you can. And then claim your stake in a new Tennessee Democratic Party.  I intend to remind leaders that not only did we donate to their cause, but we were part of a progressive blogger movement that raised thousands of dollars for the party in just a few days. If Democrats want that kind of muscle on their side, they will listen to us.  But we have to kick it up a notch first.

So, kick it, and please give whatever you can.

UPDATE:  Progressive blogging effort raises over $2,500 for Tennessee Democrats in less than 16 hours!

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