Monday, February 02, 2009

Win or Lose, Just Flog the Liberals

What is it about some of these editorializing journalists and their hostility toward liberals around the local culture war issues?

Before the English Only referendum last month, editorial voices were all but predicting English Only's win and scolding the liberals for not organizing.

City progressives not only had been organizing but joining with some conservatives in doing what it took to win last month and then some.

After the termination of the English Only referendum, more editorializers downplayed the results by arguing that liberals couldn't win a real referendum, and they rubbed the next culture war issue in progressive faces.

When it comes to local journalism, reading seems like exile.  And Babylon can be boorish.*

*For the sake of proper attribution: a paraphrase of a serman allusion by the late Texas  pastor Carlyle Marney

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