Thursday, March 05, 2009

Disputing the Metro Council Beat Writer's Interpretation of Mike Jameson

An Enclave commenter watched the same meeting on Metro Water legislation from which City Paper reporter Nate Rau spun that Mike Jameson was interrogating Mayor's Office officials and came away with the opposite impression:
I saw this meeting. Dean's men were nasty,rude and arrogant. They reminded me of the Washington crowd.

Someone needs to tell them that they work for us. Jameson was polite, yet professional. If only we had more like him. Maybe the mayor's men are intimidated by smart, professional servants of the people. They are few and far between on the Metro Council.
Shucks. Rau failed to mention that "polite, yet professional" part. Perhaps it does not fit the way the Mayor's Communication Office would pitch the exchange. Now, remind me why we have a council beat reporter when we could just get his interpretation straight from Karl Dean's publicity staff?

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