Monday, March 02, 2009

My letter to CM Gilmore asking her to oppose Goodpasture Christian's LED billboard

I just sent the following e-mail to my district council member:
Dear CM Gilmore:

I am opposed to the bill that would spot zone a tiny piece of land on the Goodpasture Christian School property for an LED billboard, especially without having light emitting diode codes in place to place limits on such a billboard (and to make LEDs legal in the Metro Code). This sets a horrible precedent that could determine whether bright and distracting LED billboards are placed in and around my north Nashville neighborhood in the future.

Please vote against BL2009-396 on second reading Tuesday night. And please request a roll call vote so that Metro Council Members may be held accountable for supporting or opposing a regrettable precedent that could erode the quality of life in our community.
The buzz among some neighborhood leaders is that this vote is an attempt to call the LED Task Force's hand and to move more quickly to permitting LEDs in residential neighborhoods. Please contact your council members and ask them to vote against BL2009-396, the bill to allow Goodpasture Christian School to spot-zone a sliver of their property to erect an LED billboard.

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