Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Horn honkers of the World Unite!

They're back, and they're ready once again to choke out any revenue stream they can.


  1. Special guests Phil Valentine and Steve Gill, eh? Guess that means they will be flogging this event to death over the public airwaves on their radio shows. Seeing as how they're engaging in public lobbying and all.

    Not saying they shouldn't do it, just saying it sure would be nice to have liberal talk radio in Nashville. You know, some balance to the airwaves.

    Liberadio is great but they're relegated to just a couple days a week. Conservatives say liberal talk has failed, but that rings a little hollow when corporate radio gatekeepers like Clear Channel won't even program liberal talkers like Thom Hartmann. What are they afraid of?

  2. Part of the problem is that liberals abandoned talk-oriented AM radio once music-oriented FM came along. Fortunately, we have not done the same with social media. Perhaps clawing our way back into being a staple of talk radio is the price we now pay for our lack of foresight.