Saturday, May 02, 2009

District 19's Erica Gilmore Mentioned with Eric Crafton on Lack of Attendance

Michael Cass notes that CM Gilmore along with CM Crafton failed to attend required training, thus putting Metro at risk of violating a federal court order:
Metro’s top attorney has asked two council members to complete a training class they failed to finish earlier this month so the city won’t violate a federal court order.

Metro Law Director Sue Cain sent letters to council members Eric Crafton and Erica Gilmore on Monday, asking them to watch on DVD what they missed in person on April 16 ....

Both Crafton - who has been absent from a number of council meetings since his English-only proposal failed, though not all of them - and Gilmore missed at least part of the RLUIPA training two weeks ago.
City Paper reporter Nate Rau points to a general lack of attendance:
Crafton has the worst attendance for meetings, having missed 11 times since being re-elected in 2007 ....

Slightly better than Crafton is District 33 Councilman Robert Duvall at 26 percent [attendance]. District 19 Councilwoman Erica Gilmore (44 percent) and [Carl] Burch (47 percent) are next.

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