Monday, November 02, 2009

Knoxville Codes Division intends to be "proactive" with neighborhood sweeps

R. Neal reports that local government is planning its first big neighborhood codes violation sweep for Wednesday:
The City of Knoxville launching a Neighborhood Sweep Program involving "intensive single day problem-solving" operations in neighborhoods across the city. The purpose is to identify code violations and assist owners with solutions. City officials will also make owners and tenants aware of city and other resources that may be available to help.

The first neighborhood sweep will be in the Parkridge community on Nov. 4th from 9AM to 2:30PM, in partnership with the Parkridge Community Organization [website] ....

The Neighborhood Codes Enforcement Division is managed by Robert Moyers who also serves as a liaison with the City’s Community Development Department, the Knoxville Police Department and Zoning Enforcement when dealing with neighborhood problems.

The neighborhood visits are part of an effort to change the way codes enforcement has been conducting its mission.

"I want us to transition from doing reactive enforcement to being more proactive," Brace said. "Before people call about a problem I want it to be in the system. What we’d really like to do is address problems before citizens call them in."
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And local television coverage via the Parkridge Community website:

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