Friday, July 22, 2005

Why Isn't Eric Rudolph Labeled A "Christian Terrorist"?

Juan Cole has asked entirely fair questions about the mainstream media's double standard when covering domestic terrorist bombers like Eric Rudolph, one of our own good ole southern boys who just happens to propound the hateful ideas of the Christian Identity movement.

Thanks to extremists in our midst, those of us who are Christians (and especially we southern, bible-belt Christians) are going to have to face the same tough questions that we ask of Islam (or of any other point-of-view): what is it about Christianity that allows hatred to take root and to flower as belligerence and violence?

By the way, just to demonstrate that southern Christianity is not all hatred and violence, I have added two links to my "Links That I Plug" box. Both the Highlander Research and Education Center and the Southern Poverty Law Center indicate more redeemable qualities about southerners and about southern Christians than Christian Terrorist Eric Rudolph displays to the world.

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