Tuesday, February 28, 2006

New Signature Tower Rendering With Ballpark

Check out this picture of Downtown with future infill posted over at urbanplanet.org. It includes mammoth Signature Tower and the new ballpark, which if built in that direction would be brutal for the fielders, who would have to pick flies out of direct sunlight.


  1. Pretty much all ballparks are oriented that way. Even though it puts the afternoon sun in the fielders' eyes, that is thought to be better--and safer--than in the batters' eyes.

    Incidentally, that century-plus norm of ballpark orientation is why left handed pitchers are called southpaws: facing west toward the batter, the left hand is--well, you get the picture.

  2. The rendering also shows the 20-story, 333-unit Encore building to the left of the stadium. That will be the first So-Bro high rise.