Thursday, April 17, 2008

Nothing to Be Concerned about Here?

Police finally got back yesterday to Salemtown Neighbors on what was up with that Blues Brotheresque cop chase last week with a final destination of Salemtown:
this was a pursuit of possible robbery suspects they were chasing from South Nashville. Two people were arrested; they were taken to South Precinct for interviews and later taken to booking to be processed for the arrests.
When the dispatcher responded last week that a vast armada of police vehicles descending on Salemtown was nothing to be concerned about, perhaps she meant that they were not "armed or aggravated robbery" suspects? And the mainstream news silence on this one--given the police response--is deafening.

CORRECTION: Morgan says in the comments below that Channel 4 covered the story the next morning. I stand corrected.

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  1. Actually, I saw the chase on the news the next morning. A reporter was on location, as well. I think it was Channel 4. That was the only mention I heard, though.