Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Should CM Wilhoite abstain from voting on the new convention center?

Based on what I'm hearing from last night's Antioch community meeting, District 29 CM Vivian Wilhoite is going to have some explaining to do to constituents if she votes in favor of the largest capital project in Nashville history: the Music City Center. There seems to be remarkable outspoken opposition to the Mayor's proposal in Antioch.

However, given CM Wilhoite's employment ties at the Tennessee Regulatory Authority to the wife a major Music City Center lobbyist, I'm not so sure that she can vote at all on the measure. Concerned citizen Mike Peden pointed out to me that Ms. Wilhoite has a somewhat beholden relationship to lobbyist Dave Cooley's wife, Melanie Cooley, who is the advisory head of Personnel. Mike described what he found out yesterday in a phone call to the state:
I called the TRA yesterday and asked if there is any reporting relationship between Ms. Wilhoite and Ms. Cooley. I was told there is. Both report to the Division Chief, but as Personnel Director Ms. Cooley advises the Division Chief in all personnel related matters, including any issues that concern Ms. Wilhoite.
Given these circumstances, I don't see how CM Wilhoite can vote on the Music City Center without appearing to lapse into a conflict of interest, especially if she votes for the MCC. Her primary source of income depends in part on the feedback of Melanie Cooley who stands to gain financially from a successful lobbying campaign for MCC by her husband.

Have I overlooked something here?


  1. I doubt she is the only one with a conflict of interest. Wonder if other members stand to gain if MCC is approved.

  2. It's all connected. When I think of David Cooley, I also think of the sign man, Bobby LED Joslin.
    Remember, it's all connected.

  3. Kevin (NotSo) SharpThu Dec 31, 11:01:00 AM CST

    Is that "Concerned Citizen" Mike Peden that gave Jamie Hollin $1,600?

    Is that "Concerned Citizen" Mike Peden that owns all the rental property?

    Is that "Concerned Citizen" Mike Peden who is so upset about the police station on Charlotte?

    Is that "Concerned Citizen" Mike Peden that filed some trumped-up complaint against Buddy Baker?

    Yeah, I believe it is the same "Concerned Citizen" Mike Peden.

  4. Crissa, I am so disapointed in you. Lets see you were against the MCC before you were for it. But wait, I see, now you're getting paid to be for it. It's hard to keep track of you dear.

  5. Kevin (NotSo) SharpFri Jan 01, 09:31:00 AM CST

    Wassamattah, angry that your "concerned citizen" turns out to have an agenda? Why is it that everyone opposed to the MCC is motivated by self-interest?

    Mike Jameson and Kevin Sharp want to be judges. Emily Evans wants to be mayor. Eric Crafton wants to be juvenile court clerk. Michael Craddock wants to be criminal court clerk. Jim Gotto wants to be a state representative. Catherine McTameney just desperately wants to be somebody important. Of course, none of this will ever happen.

    All at the cost of thousands of jobs and hundreds of millions of dollars in economic development. Isn't that a little self-centered?

  6. Mike Peden has the same concerns that many Nashvillians have. He is not the only one who feels this way. He just has the guts and time to post on this blog.

    Seems that Rich Riebling is calling the shots for a few high rollers who are making all of the decisions in this city.

    The citizens are constantly objecting, yet so few ever listen. Must we remind you that this is our hard earned tax money that city officials are playing Monopoly with? We taxpayers know what is going on. Over a half billion dollars for the MCC that will never be in the black. Just who stands to gain here? If the MCC passes, more folks will be moving out of this city.

    As for the CMs, Jameson would make an excellent judge, and Evans a terrific mayor. The high rollers don't like them because you cannot control them. Democracy is more important to them than money. What an idea, elected officials that would actually serve all of the people.

    I'm not sure Crafton would be a great JCC, and Craddock has screwed too many constituents across this city. He is out. Gotto want something too. But you have to hand it to them though for standing up against this monster of a project during the roughest of times.

    Vivian needs to stand down on this one. Maybe she could go to the bathroom like she did during the discrimination vote.