Tuesday, August 14, 2012

My recent vote for Ed Kindall validated

Julia Green is a well-heeled school in affluent Green Hills that provides their kids with iPads. Mr. Kindall lost his North Nashville school board seat by a few hundred votes to Sharon Gentry. Wish I could have been there for that "discussion".

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  1. They provide because parents contribute to buying them

  2. The purchase of iPads was a joint effort between MNPS and parents.

    Never mind that parents in Green Hills are more affluent and generally more able to pony up sufficient matching funds to help MNPS defray the costs of supplying cutting edge computer equipment to their kids while kids in other parts of the city have stumbling, refurbished desktops. Never mind the head start that predominantly light-skinned, affluent public school kids get over predominantly dark-skinned, less wealthy public school kids.

  3. No doubt Kindall showed great leadership on Tuesday, but I'm also guessing that the Great Public Schools PAC is wishing it could get back the money it donated to Sharon Gentry, who also showed courage.

  4. Please post more details on the joint effort between MNPS and Julia Green parents to get ipads. If the numbers work, I'd like to spearhead that effort at another school. If the breakdown of cost (MNPS/parents) is available, it should be noted - not just referred to and used as an entree into a race-based diversionary spiel.

    Let's call the "head start" you refer to what it really is: married parents, involved parents, intact family units, and families invested in helping their children learn, along with extra money

  5. My mission in life is not to do the grunt work for anonymous commenters. If you want more details look them up yourself.

    As far as your grasp of reality (so-called) goes: just keep in mind that economic hardships, generational prejudice, red-lining real estate, and uneven development across cities acts like acid on family ties. And I haven't even yet approached the question of the irony of a social safety net that promotes single-parent families in urban areas.

    But, oh, if traditional family values were only the easy answer to solve the economic disparities between wealthy and impoverished. Then we would never have to ask the tough, honest questions about social and economic justice. I would rather not so bury my head in the sand, thank you very much.

  6. so someone offers to help find a solution and you castigate them? Beautiful? Proof that you're not in the business of finding solutions just pointing out things you take exception to. It's a shame too because last year I referenced you to my wife as a reliable source of information on local politics. I find that to no longer be true as you spend the majority of your time deriding things that don't fit in to your narrow view. Truth is I can't tell what you are for anymore. Wait I take that back, you do seem to have an appreciation for the Rangers. Here's hoping you find your muse soon because reading you now makes me as depressed as listening to the folks you constantly deride. You took offense at me in a twitter conversation when I made mention that you can't look for boogie men in every corner, perhaps the truth hits too close.

  7. I'll take it you don't know about the breakdown of cost for the iPads.

    It's not grunt work to back up your words with facts.

    I won't dismiss the items noted in your second paragraph as needing to be noted.

    I am glad you agree that single parent family families are not ideal and should not be promoted by govern,ent incentives. We are closer than you think.