Saturday, July 27, 2013


I speak for many (reporters, politicians, parents and citizens) when i say that there is nothing scary about your drunk rage.
-- Nashville charter school founder Ravi Gupta reportedly
to school board member Will Pinkston

An aside to this unpleasantness: in 2011 I received an email from a prospective charter school founder who expressed incredulity that Mr. Gupta could come to Nashville, straight from law school with no educational management experience, and gain approval for Nashville Prep so easily with so many "inconsistencies" and "biases" in the selection process. Perhaps assisting powerful Democrats David Axelrod and Susan Rice helped the process along.

I have made clear on this blog that I am no fan of Mr. Pinkston, but Ravi Gupta showed beaucoup gall in this debate, which makes me wonder whether the ease of his ascendance in Nashville has gone to his head.


  1. Sounds like more professional experience would have done him well before becoming a principal. He's doing his students a disservice by picking personal fights with school boardmembersr.

  2. The Tennessee Commissioner of Education Kevin Huffman has little experience too. Working with the governor and the Rebublican legislature, he is destroying public education. He worked for Teach for America with his wife Michelle Rhee. She taught only three years, then worked for Teach for America. She was hired as superintendent of Washington, DC schools and left before a huge cheating scandal was revealed.

    Board member Amy Frogge is correct, public education is under attack. Those doing the attacking are so arrogant. Schools should not be run like a business, there are children involved here. Sadly, this is not about the children, this is about the money.