Thursday, April 08, 2010

CRIME ALERT: Crime back in Salemtown as weather warms

During the haitus, Salemtown experienced a criminological up-tick via burglary, home invasion and mugging. But, according to the neighborhood e-list, police report that they have moved in for the kibosh:
we just arrested two of three that we feel have been a big part of the issues/robberies, and assaults/Muggings and we have identified a third that got away. (We believe they and their group of friends are responsible for most of these recent issues) We caught them almost in the act and in that area, from a good profile of their descriptions and attention to locations they impacted over the last 3-4 weeks. We are doing photo line ups on other cases before we give out details. The elderly lady had talked to the subject earlier in the day at her door, when he knocked and asked her some questions. We may be able to give out some helpful tips at the next meeting how to avoid some of these issues (and again remind folks to call in suspicious persons for us to talk to etc.). This suspect was not arrested, but had gathered items to take from the residence before running off when he realized he had been detected by the home owner. We took prints and are hopeful they will return with some suspect information. Please remember that I blast out details for assistance to our partners to help us get ahead of patterns we see or forecast and try to balance creating an over reaction or panic. I will gather some detailed data, but feel confident that your area, even with the last 3 weeks of activity is lower in crime issues than in the past several years; and will even better with our recent arrest and efforts down the road.

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