Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Neighborhood concerns about increased crime around Greyhound bus terminal supported by media's statistical analysis

SouthComm's Stephen George has the numbers comparing the old Greyhound site to the new one at Charlotte & 11th:
in blog posts and at public meetings, many have argued that the Greyhound station will be a magnet for crime in their area. According to statistics The City Paper obtained from Metro police, it seems they’re right — at least to some degree.

A comparison of crime statistics stretching from Jan. 1, 2009, through May 27 shows that nearly 17 times more crimes and potential criminal activity were phoned in to Metro police from the current Greyhound location than the area around the proposed new one.

Most of the 314 reported incidents at Greyhound involved public intoxications, thefts and assaults. The 19 incidents at the new site were similar in nature.


  1. Mike, thank you for such excellent coverage of this situation! Your blog is doing the type of great investigative journalism we just don't have from any media outfits in this city.

  2. F'ing brilliant, as usual. Kudos from your Hope Gardens following. Gilmore sucks beyond what any of us in the North feared. Keep up the pressure, Mike. MDHA is equally culpable for all of this BS. Cheers, LM

  3. If you read the entire article you cite, it completely debunks your headline. The police themselves say it isn't an apples to apples comparison and as such is meaningless.

  4. I read the complete article. The police PR feedback was not part of the City Paper's own statistical analysis of the crime reports themselves. The headline is not debunked because I did not claim anything in the title regarding what Kristin Mumford said from her communications office post.