Thursday, September 30, 2010

District 17 CM contests fellow CM's fairgrounds legislation in District 17

The following memo from CM Sandra Moore was sent out to her constituents by Elise M. Waller at the Metro Council office today:

Metro Council Office


to: Constituents of the 17th Council District
from: Sandra Moore
Council Lady – District 17
date: September 30, 2010

RE: Fairgrounds Legislation

As you have probably heard, legislation was filed this week by Councilman Duane Dominy of the 28th Council District that, if enacted by the Council, would essentially require the Board of Fair Commissioners to continue to hold an annual state fair on the fairgrounds property.  The legislation would also require the Fair Board to make the property available for other events, including “a monthly flea market, annual lawn and garden show, annual gem show, annual car show, motor sports, and such other activities and events that took place on the property in Fiscal Year 2009.” (emphasis added).  I want to make it perfectly clear that I was not asked to co-sponsor this legislation nor was I even informed that it existed until after it had been filed.  I have worked for the past three years to ensure that any future use of the fairgrounds property is in the best interest of the citizens of the 17th District and the city as a whole.  I am frankly disappointed that another district councilmember felt it appropriate to file legislation regarding property that is located solely within my district, but it is within his purview to do so.

Please know that I will be reviewing this legislation closely in the coming days and will take whatever action I deem to be in the best interest of the 17th District when the bill comes up on first reading at the October 5th Council meeting.  As always, if there are any concerns or comments please give me a call at 386-9246, or you may email me at Thank you for your continued support as we work together for the benefit of the community.

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