Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Financing for Salemtown's latest large development comes through

A pleasant announcement from a seasoned Salemtown developer today on the Salemtown elist:

I am happy to announce construction financing for the first of 8 Brownstones has been successfully obtained and finalized this month.

Look for 1702B, facing 5th Ave North (Unit 2), to break ground in the coming weeks.

Jim Creason, the developer of The Brownstones at 5&G, has been involved the community in his plans from the beginning. Some of us live in homes he has already built here. Salemtown Neighbors has wholeheartedly endorsed Jim's concepts through twists and turns in the housing market since 2006. It truly makes a difference when developers are sensitive to community character and they proactively ask for feedback.

Remember the blight that once occupied this corner? Remember other developers who bit off more than they could chew? Fortunately, one of Salemtown's most important intersections appears finally to be moving ahead with a responsible developer at the helm. It is none too soon.

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