Thursday, January 10, 2013

Overlay communication more shoddy than I thought

I already posted on the poor communication of last Monday's conservation overlay meeting, given its impact on our neighborhood. Since then I have looked over the notice more closely and found what appears to be an error in the boundaries (noted below with red underline):

Monroe Street is in the heart of Germantown, 2 or 3 blocks from the southern border of Salemtown.

Area between Monroe & Hume already overlaid
Germantown already has a historic overlay, which was sponsored by CM Gilmore in 2007 and approved by the Metro Council in 2008. It includes many properties from Hume south to Monroe (the largest of which are the Werthan footprint and Morgan Park). So, extending a conservation overlay into Germantown to include properties already protected more stringently with a historic overlay makes no sense. Doing so seems either redundant or regressive.

I'm going with the simpler explanation here that whoever generated the flyer is responsible for the boner. The mere fact that CM Gilmore is listed as the "Host" does not mean that she produced it, and I'm guessing that the the persons responsible for producing it (and throwing it late on my porch) are the leaders of "Salemtown Works". Last February one of those officers sent out erroneous information about a development at 6th and Garfield, mistakenly referring to their style as "Baltimore brownstone".

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