Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Historic Germantown president says Germantown does not care about Metro Water's new landfill on its border; council member Erica Gilmore says she does care

Tennessean reporter Bobby Allyn interviewed Historic Germantown, Inc.'s president, who is also a Realtor:

Despite concerns by some, Nathan Weinberg, president of the Germantown Neighborhood Association, said the community was not troubled by the waste burial.

“It’s not something of tremendous concern,” Weinberg said. “It has not created the impression that has made the community mobilize, and this community is quick to mobilize.”

To her credit, Erica Gilmore told a reporter at another publication what she told me last week when I wrote her about Metro Water's irresponsible, unneighborly actions: she finds the landfill unacceptable.

I find it curious that the Tennessean chose to quote Nathan Weinberg but apparently opted out of contacting CM Gilmore.

UPDATE: I received an email from the Salemtown president, who was trying to contact the Germantown president and tell them of SNNA's vote to oppose the landfill. He told me he could not find Mr. Weinberg listed on the site as the HGI president. He contacted someone else who told him that Robbie Vaughn is president. I located a profile for Mr. Weinberg on that lists him as Vice President for HGI:,d.dmg

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