Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Shorter Steine: "Honoring the council process is what other council members should do"

Papa Saint Ron
I would argue whether you're for or against it that you honor this council and how we operate.
-- Ronnie Steine, last November

I move to table [and thus, kill] the motion....This is an unusual thing to do, and I don't do it lightly.
-- Ronnie Steine, last night


  1. Ronnie Steine is such a jerk. What do you expect from someone arrrested for shoplifting even when he had the money to pay for what he stole. He only wants to follow the rules when he chooses. Nothing has changed has it Ronnie. I am not sure why council members take him seriously.

  2. The Scene's description of this entire council meeting made me cringe. The council blandly ceded $66 million in tax concessions to HCA. Might as well have let them move out to Cool Springs--many of their corporate staff commute from that direction anyway.

    Then, Steine made what must have been a spontaneous move to sweet Charlie Tygard's bills, which were--Tygard emphasized--intended to spark a discussion about how to pay for the AMP, which (coincidentally) will cost Metro a minimum of $65 million up ffront (and that assumes the state will kick in $35 million, which TDOT doesn't appear interested in doing). If Steine hadn't so easily dismissed HCA's tax dollars, perhaps he could have answered Tygard's questions about how the AMP will be funded.

    What's interesting is that Steine's attempt to kill Tygard's motion failed (according to the Scene) by a vote of 22 against Steine and 13 for him. My guess is that not everyone who voted against Steine opposes the AMP. But perhaps council members are finally embarrassed by the way the AMP has literally steamrolled over any meaningful public discussion about the proposal's merits or its funding with a "done deal" chorus. How many people reading this blog have heard "The AMP is Karl Dean's baby, and it's a done deal--don't waste your time trying to stop it!"?