Saturday, February 12, 2005

INFO: From the Nashville Jazz Workshop (in East Germantown)

    [W]e have a great week of student performances. Here is the lineup.

    MONDAY- FEBRUARY 14TH -SPEND YOU VALENTINES WITH US! 6:00- Harold ArlenVocal Literature class Featuring, Jonathan and Jocelyn Kasper, WeldonStice, Louise Barnes, Rene Copeland, Chris Szalaj 8:00- Monday NightRhythm Section featuring Robert Wolfe, Kandice Dungey, Allison Kerr,Graham Gerdeman, Brian Kelly Advanced Instrumental Ensemble Featuring-Larry Seeman, Andy Robinson, Jennifer Daniel, Greg Germony and LoriMechem

    6:00pm Harold Arlen Vocal Literature ClassFeaturing- Wayne Dowell, Darden Purcell, Hal Stephens, Jay Slobey, SeanHorenstein 8:00pm- Lyric nterpetation class Featuring Jocelyn Kasper,Candice Asher, Karen Johns, Barry Yarbrough, Graham Gerdeman WayneShorter Class Featuring- Andy Robinson, Denis olee, Peter Gunn, JimDepriest, Graham Spice

    WEDNESDAY- FEBRUARY 16TH 6:00- Wednesday night Ensemble classFeaturing- Linda "Rose", Ned Ramage, Jarod Bryans, Bill Vinett Harold Arlen Vocal Literature class Featuring- Margaret Smith, BrianParker, Monica Ramey, Kristin Cothren, Sara Carmody, Amy Powell Wes Montgomery Ensemble- (They will go on about 7:30) Featuring- KevinWakefield, Tommy Bolles, Hiromi Ohta, Jim Depriest, Ralph Henley Come and support these students. They are great!

    Hope to see you.Regards, Lori Mechem Director of Nashville Jazz Workshop.

If you want to learn more about the Jazz Workshop, go to: I haven't been able to get over to catch any performances at the old Neuhoff Plant on the Cumberland, but I've heard it's a great experience to go to the "Jazz Cave" (formerly Neuhoff's fallout shelter fitted now for performances). These are great neighbors to have!

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